Thanks for checking out my Work in Progress game Tilus.

TUTORIAL is as follows:

1) Connect 5 tiles.

2) Adjacent tiles matching in both Color and Number will connect.

3) Grey tiles count as both colors, Blank (numberless) tiles count as all numbers.

4) Once a formation is formed, the [n x n] grid area surrounding it is activated.

5) Click on one of the tiles in that zone that's part of the formation to Upgrade it (increase the number by one).

6) Any other tile in the zone that was NOT part of the formation is Scored (based on its number value). Any empty spaces in the zone are turned into Rubble. Rubble can be dealt with...

Have fun and thanks so much for playing!

StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Tagsgrid, squares


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Wish there was some sound to accompany this awesome puzzle! The graphic effects are so cool!